Bester Studio as a house brand of Bester Plywoods is a workshop which combines experience and know-how of Bester – Plywood technology park with freshness that comes from concepts of Polish designers.

It’s a place where we visualize and enact the wildest ideas resulting from mixing love for woodworking, advanced technological solutions and passion for creating. Demanding projects make us feel at home, there are no failed challenges. We inspire the environment. We create interior design elements that can mesmerize you with its natural beauty, reliability and precision.

Discover a new face of plywood.

What makes us unique?

zaawansowane rozwiązania

Exceptional technological solutions

Rzemieślnicze dopracowanie detali

Detail-oriented manufacture

Unikatowe wzornictwo i ponadczasowy design

Unique and enduring design

Naturalne materiały i ekologiczny proces produkcji

Natural materials together with an ecological production process

Design strategy

Demanding projects are our element. We take challenges. We inspire the surroundings. We create interior design elements that seduce with beauty, reliability and precision.

anderssen & voll
fundusze europejskie
parp pfr group
europejskie fundusze strukturalne i inwestycyjne